Pockets For A Purpose

Desiree's Story


At the age of 44, on the day of her granddaughter Chloe's first birthday, she received a message from her doctor. "There is no easy way to say this, your biopsy was positive for malignancy. You have infiltrating ductal cancer, ER/PR+, and Her2Neu negative. Her world came crashing down. Fortunately, she was able to catch cancer early on because of self-breast exams but the fact that she had cancer was still hard for her to swallow. 

After undergoing two lumpectomies years prior she knew that she did not want to continue to go through this process, so she chose to undergo a double mastectomy and it was a blessing she did. You see, when she found the lump it was in her right breast, scans had shown her left breast to be cancer-free. After the mastectomy, the pathologist found cancer in the left breast as well. It was so small that it did not show up on her scan. Not only was she diagnosed with ductular, but she was also diagnosed with lobular cancer a well. 

While in the hospital she was given safety pins to secure her drains that were surgically implanted. Pain pills and safety pins do not go well together. It was then and there she knew she had to do something so others did not have to go through the struggles and frustrations as she did.

That is when God put Pockets For A Purpose on her heart. She wanted to make recovery kits available to men and women going through a mastectomy. The kits contain items to make dealing with the surgical drains a little easier, as well as other items just to make you feel good. 

After having a complete hysterectomy and a double mastectomy she understands the frustrations that others go through.

Desiree is on year four with her cancer diagnosis. Her doctors will not let her say she is cancer-free until she is five years out, but she lives every day as if it is her last. She enjoys spending time with her family, riding horses, raising cattle and watching her amazing daughters and granddaughter grow up.